Do I have to incorporate offshore to use the Merchant Reliance system for processing?

Not always, we have several options available, please inquire.

How often does the acquirer pay the merchants for deposits or batches?

Depending on account placement, merchants are paid deposits daily, weekly & Merchant Reliance; bi-weekly.

Is there a volume restriction on the amount of credit card transactions I can do in a month?


How can I learn more about the Merchant Reliance alternative billing solutions?

Contact Merchant Reliance and one of our representatives will explain in detail how every solution works and what the benefits are.

I am a new business will Merchant Reliance approve me for an offshore merchant account?

Yes! Our acquirers approve companies on a case-by-case basis. What's important to us is your business plan or model and how you intend to Merchant Reliance up the volume.

I have been placed on the TMF list (Terminated Merchant File), can Merchant Reliance help or still approve me?

Yes. Each company is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How does the gateway work, can it be used as a virtual terminal?

The gateway is easy to use and easy to integrate. The technicians will walk you through the whole process. The gateway comes with all of the scrubbing parameters (fraud prevention measures and databases) included and may be used in combination or separately as a real-time Internet solution or a virtual terminal. This of course depends on what business category you are in.

Are there any monthly maintenance fees involved?

Depending on account placement, we do not have monthly fees, but we do have a monthly minimum for processing volume. Most companies charge statement fees, monthly maintenance fees, monthly access fees, gateway fees and huge application fees.

What fees are associated with a Merchant Reliance Offshore merchant account?

We have 3 basic fees: the transaction fee, discount fee which varies according to business; (reserve usually 5% to 10%); charge back fee.

We keep it simple by providing no hidden charges, NO garbage fees and NO application fees "for direct accounts."

What does your transaction fee include?

The transaction fee, the gateway and the scrubbing are all bundled into one fee.

Why does your discount rate vary?

Discount rates are quoted by analyzing your past processing statements, company financial strength, credit ratings, business category, amount of time in business and other information you provide.

What is the reserve and how long is it held?

The reserve, if any, is usually 5% to 10% . Reserves are held by banks to ensure against losses due to uncollected fees, merchant fines, excessive charge backs, etc. The reserves are held on a 6-month rolling basis in which the held funds from the 1st month will be released to the merchant on the 7th month and so forth.

Will we have our own merchant account and our own descriptor?

YES, absolutely! Having your own merchant account and descriptor can save you a lot of money and headaches. Your descriptor will show up on your credit card statement as: (your company name or your choice of a name and an 800 number or whatever your customer service number is).

Do you require security deposits upfront?

NO, security for accounts is built by the rolling reserve.

In what currencies can I settle in?

Multiple currency settlements available. "USD and Euro are most common."

Can I accept different currencies from around the world?


How long will it take to get an Merchant Reliance Offshore merchant account established and processing?

The length of time will vary on how quickly the paperwork and documentation is received by Merchant Reliance. Once we have all the requested documentation, you're about 72 hours from being fully integrated and processing.

Compliance are achieved.

European ACH (bank debit):

Merchants can add 10% to 20% or more to their bottom line by accepting European checks. Europeans do not use credit cards the way Americans do. This payment option is a must.

US ACH Check Processing:

Simply the best Internet check payment product on the market today, featuring age verification and real-time lookup of account status. Low returns, better bottom line.

The above businesses do not make all the vendors exclusively high risk merchants. The degree of ‘high risk’ is bound to vary from one high risk merchant to the other depending on a host of factors. Establishing a merchant account is easy! The entire process will take just minutes of your time and you’ll be up and running in a matter of days.

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